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ABA 1:1 Direct Therapy

ABA therapy is an individualized approach that is tailored toward each child’s specific needs. Clinicians use effective researched-based strategies that have been empirically validated to make meaningful changes in each child’s life. ABA Therapy gives specialized instruction to children who are not currently learning like their peers. We teach children how to learn, then gradually reduce and eliminate the individualized support. By utilizing the principles of ABA, we aim to unlock a child’s potential. With individualized teaching procedures in place, clinicians make lasting progress in each child’s and family’s life. While children enjoy their lives, we take care of the learning aspect.

Our Mission is to teach valuable life skills that help our clients become productive and fulfilled adults in mainstream society. The child begins by practicing language skills, learning to establish a daily routine and to follow directions. We also offer potty training and food programs. Advanced children practice compliance, independence skills, and social skills that would allow them to be included with their future school peers. Children with aggression or emotional outbursts are taught self-calming techniques.

When you enroll at New Hope, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) conducts a Milestone Development Test for your child. Based on their current skill levels, the BCBA will create an individualized and customized program to help your child develop the skills sets they are lacking.

Home-based ABA is the most effective environment for older children who are learning self-care and independence skills. Our staff will travel to your home for sessions. In consultation with parents these sessions are offered Mondays through Friday, between 7 AM to 7PM.  Weekend sessions are available based on need.

In-home services require that an adult be present at all times during sessions.

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