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Behavior Assessment

A behavioral assessment is meant to take a measure of your child’s current strengths and weaknesses when it comes to their behavioral, emotional, and developmental health. The next step is to use the data collected to design a custom program with detailed plans for reducing problematic behaviors and replacing them with functional behaviors and skills. This program will be constructed in such a way that both the Behavior Technicians in our clinic and caregivers at home will be able to implement the therapy.

Once the behavior has been identified and recorded, it is essential that factors which may be reinforcing and maintaining the behavior are then identified. We believe in spending ample time one-on-one with the child to observe them and find where their behavioral motivation lies. No amount of treatment will work if you don’t know which key to use to make the program fit for that specific child.

There are multiple tools our supervisors use to measure skills and responses. These are standard assessments in our field which we utilize as well.

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