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Pinwheel Kids

Our Core Values

Passion – We are passionate about the science and application of ABA therapy and helping others. By diving deep into the latest research and trends, we are best equipped to help our children. By balancing our love of knowledge with our passion for helping people, we help children and families with autism overcome their greatest challenges and live life to the fullest.

Patience – Treating autism takes time and consistency. We set reasonable goals for each child and help them to achieve them by walking alongside children and families one small step at a time.

Persistence -  We know that sustained and continuous therapy over a period is required to achieve the goals. We will be the partners in the child's and the family's journey.

Professional – Though professionalism is an important aspect of any career. It becomes paramount in ABA settings. We communicate clearly with the families we are serving and endeavor towards achieving the best for the child. Whether at a patient’s home, the community or school, or in clinic setting, our staff maintains the highest standards of professionalism.

​​Purposeful – While applying new technologies to stay abreast of the most recent & effective research, the aim of ABA therapy remains to manage socially valid behaviors by increasing positive behaviors and needed life skills while at the same time decreasing any challenging behaviors.

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